Water Solutions


Are your Water sites secure?

The Water industry demands specific regulations to ensure their sites are protected against physical and chemical attack, they must also be able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

The Water industry needs to protect storage reservoirs, water treatment plants, pumping station and distribution pipelines. These sites are widely dispersed, often in remote locations leaving them extremely vulnerable to accidental or intentional contamination of treated water, or just vandalism and theft.

To maintain the security required major organisations have incorporated Abloy security solutions and are benefitting from the following features:

  • Super Weather Proof padlocks, the strongest locks in the world are able to secure furniture, gates etc. in all climates and weather conditions. They also support the CLIQ® System.
  • Time saving and operational efficiencies are achieved with the capability to enable and revoke key authorisation remotely through CLIQ®.
  • Authorised timed access for staff and contractors.
  • Full audit trails of who has used which keys and when.
  • Delete lost / stolen keys.
  • Integration with permit to work.
  • 100% control of the keys, 100% of the time.