Telecommunication Sector Security


Are your remote sites secure?

The Telecoms sector provides continuous communication 24/7 across all media platforms.

It is a critical service and any break or interruption caused by physical attack including vandalism, theft or civil disobedience can cause serious downtime. This could result in major commercial and domestic disruption, which would be very costly and damaging to your reputation.

To maintain the necessary security major organisations including BT, Vodafone and Virgin are benefitting from the following CLIQ® features:

  • Authorised access to restricted areas for staff and contractors
  • Ability to enable/revoke key authorisation remotely
  • Future proofing capability
  • Contributes towards asset management and asset data reporting
  • Improved operational efficiency and reduced running costs
  • Time saved and operational efficiencies in key collection
  • Full audit trail reports
  • Delete lost/stolen keys
  • Integration with permit to work
  • 100% control of all keys, 100% of the time

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