Retail Solutions


How can we help you ensure property and assets are secure at your premises?

Retail outlets can become heavily populated by customers which can lead to high risk of theft, so security is a major priority in the retail sector.

During the day and at night theft is a risk at your premises, so having a security system in place is a high priority, Abloy UK offers a range of cam locks cabinet locks and electric locks to ensure that anything that needs to be locked away is secure.

We also offer the Traka21 key management unit, which when integrated with the CLIQ® system will improve key management because you can see who has which key and when. This also enhances security because if a key goes missing you can revoke permission to use the key and track who was the last user of that key using the audit trail feature.

To maintain the security required major organisations have incorporated Abloy security solutions and are benefitting from the following features:

  • Time saving and operational efficiencies are achieved with the capability to enable and revoke key authorisation remotely through CLIQ®.
  • Authorised timed access for staff and contractors.
  • Full audit trails of who has used which keys and when.
  • Delete lost / stolen keys.
  • Integration with permit to work.
  • 100% control of the keys, 100% of the time.

Key benefits of Abloy locks

  • Suitable for use in wood, metal or glass meaning you can easily integrate them into any display cases in your store
  • 3 pin and 5 pin available if you have limited space
  • A range of locks can be integrated into a master key system which can heavily benefit key management and key control
  • Electric Locks tested to all European and British Standards
  • Electric Locks ensure freedom of egress as well as maintaining the security of each door