Oil and Gas Sector Security


Are your Refineries secure?

The world’s economy is reliant on oil and natural gas. Critical processes need to operate continuously without interruption and many of these rely on secure protection. The security of these assets needs to be protected by only the highest quality, most resilient and reliable products. Any tampering with oil or gas could have a devastating impact commercially and socially.

The Oil and Gas sector operate across a wide variety of sites, including Refineries, Distribution and Retail, Storage, Transportation, Exploration and Drilling; many in harsh environments at remote locations. These sites are widely dispersed and may be a target of terrorism or sabotage.

To maintain the security necessary to provide a continuous and safe oil and gas supply major organisations have incorporated Abloy locks and are benefitting from the following solutions:

  • Super Weather Proof padlocks, the strongest locks in the world remain secure in all climate and weather conditions. They also support the CLIQ® system.
  • Time saving and operational efficiencies are achieved with the capability to enable and revoke key authorisation remotely through CLIQ®.
  • Authorised timed access for staff and contractors.
  • Full audit trails of who has used which keys and when.
  • Delete lost / stolen keys.
  • Integration with permit to work.
  • 100% control of the keys, 100% of the time.
  • Reliability even in the harshest environments.

Tested and patented

  • IP68 Classified padlocks for demanding environments (protection grade 3-6)
  • Available as ATEX approved system
  • EN 15684 96
  • Abloy Protec2 patent valid until 2031