New £1 coin Locker Locks


The round £1 coin is no longer legal tender.

Since the 16th October 2017, the old £1 coin is no longer legal tender. Your customers expect their coins to work in your lockers, so it’s important if you haven’t converted these locks that you act immediately.

How does this affect your current coin operated lockers?                      

Millions of coin-operated lockers are configured to work with £1 coins, but old coin locks cannot be operated by the new one pound coin unless converted or replaced.

Even though the deadline is now passed, it is not too late…. ABLOY can still help you.

As the leading supplier of coin locks in the UK, Abloy offers solutions for Leisure centres, Golf centres, Supermarkets, Fitness clubs, Spa centres and many more. 

Abloy has a range of cost effective solutions that can be easily retrofit in your current lockers. The Classic and E-lite coin locks have been designed to accept both the old and new £1 coin.

Conversion kits for the Classic Coin Lock are available so you can easily convert your existing ASSA Locks.

We also offer RFID and Coded locks that eliminate the need for coins and tokens. With sleek and stylish design the Mifare RFID and the ASSA Coded 1.2 Digital Cabinet Locks are the future of locker locks and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Whether prefer the traditional coin lock or, if you want to move away to coinless locks, we have the solution for you.

If you would like further information or advice, please request a call back from Shaun Powell / Caroline Jones.