How can we help you make sure your museum and assets are secure?

Museums create a safe, welcoming, open environment built to educate and engage the public whilst simultaneously protecting high value displays and promoting our heritage. However, this “open access” must be finely balanced with museum security, to make sure irreplaceable assets are secure while your visitors’ experience is pleasurable. 

A museum can be a target of theft at any time and having a security system that can track the movement of keys and their usage is a major benefit for which Abloy UK offers two specifically designed product solutions.

Abloy UK offers the innovative CLIQ® system, enabling your employees and temporary staff to have their own keys, which are scheduled to work only where they are authorised during their shift. The permission-based, cloud-hosted system means there is no risk of lost or stolen keys as keys can be revoked quickly and easily any time with the web management system, and the real-time audit trail lets you know who has used which key, where and when.

Traka 21 key management offers the ability for keys can be shared by staff on different shifts using verified PIN access to the unit, only allowing specific people to access dedicated keys at specific times, which if used in conjunction with CLIQ®, will maximise the security of your assets.

Abloy UK also offers a comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical locking solutions for cabinets, display cases and doors in areas that need to comply with emergency and panic escape regulations. With ABLOYs range of cam locks, cabinet locks and electric locks, we can heighten your security and protect your most precious assets.

To maintain the security required several major museums have incorporated Abloy security solutions and are benefitting from the following features:

  • Time-saving and operational efficiencies are achieved with the capability to enable and revoke key authorisation remotely through CLIQ®.
  • Authorised timed access for staff and contractors.
  • Full audit trails of who has used which keys, where and when.
  • Delete lost and stolen keys.
  • Integration with Permit to work.
  • 100% control of the keys, 100% of the time.

Key benefits of Abloy locks

  • Suitable for use in wood, metal or glass meaning you can easily integrate them into any display cases in your store.
  • 3 Pin and 5 Pin available if you have limited space.
  • CPNI Tested (Government approved products)
  • A range of locks can be integrated into a master system, a major benefit in key management and key control.
  • Electric Locks tested to comply with all European and British Standards
  • Electric Locks ensure freedom of egress as well as maintaining the security of each door.

Abloy Solutions

Abloy products are installed to combine safety and security and can be used to help museums implement Dynamic Lockdown. They allow safe egress for occupants in the event of an emergency while protecting high-value assets and property and can be used to compartmentalise sites and areas within buildings. They are trusted at many museums and heritage sites including the British Museum, V & A, Ashmolean, Design Museum, Dylan Thomas Centre, Science Museum, National Maritime Museum and the Museum Of London.

To find out more about some of the Museums fitted with Abloy solutions, click the case studies tab below.