Master Key Solutions


ABLOY® cylinder mechanisms are particularly suited to master key suites, providing keyholding simplicity to often complex requirements.

The simplest solution is a master key system with all locks operated by individual keys and an overriding master key operating all locks. Our solutions also encompass highly sophisticated key architecture, providing multi-level restriction with multiple master keys operating across many sites, overridden by a single grand master key.

Key Control

The importance of good key control should not be underestimated. 

As a general rule, Abloy keys have three levels of key control which may vary across key mechanisms:

Level 1

Keys on this level are not stamped with identifying system numbers, Additional keys are available from Abloy Centres when the key registration card provided with the locks is passed to the centre or
sales department at Abloy. One benefit of this method is that only the card holder will be able to obtain additional keys, preventing unauthorised issue of keys. Also, the keys on this level are available from Abloy centres throughout the UK and Ireland.

Level 2

Abloy centres cannot cut another centre's keys on this level. Keys are produced by the Abloy centre who originally supplied the locks and keys; they should be stamped with an identifying system number. Your local Abloy centre may be able to offer a quick service on additional keys
(depending on volume). The authority for these keys can be either a key registration card or signed orders by previously submitted authorised signatories.

Level 3

This is the highest level of security and offers the most rigid key control. The profiles (unique shape) of this level of key are only available from Abloy at Willenhall. Each key will be stamped with a
unique system number and key reference, each system is issued with a key registration form for the end user to submit sample signatures of personnel who will be ordering keys. Orders for additional keys on this level must be on a signed written order. As an added element of control, the keys can be sequentially numbered to assist the end user in recording who has been given which individual key.

Master Key Systems

Abloy UK are responsible for creating the coding for all master key systems within our product range. We can help you to design your system, from the most simple to the more complicated systems.

The service we can offer ranges from a site visit to carry out a survey of your requirements, to generating a schematic to reflect the design of the system which can be achieved via telephone conversation or email. We aim to turn what could appear to be a daunting process into a simple
procedure for our customers.

The number one rule for master key systems; define the requirements clearly.

 Download our master key capabilities information sheet

 Download our Master Key System Design Guide