Theft, crime and damage of heritage assets is costly, Inconvenient and directly interferes with the public's enjoyment and knowledge of our history. To ensure that we can promote and protect our landmarks and their contents, the need for a safe, flexible and a cost-effective access control solution is essential.

eCLIQ® from ABLOY offers a high-security solution for your valuable buildings, combining mechanical precision and microelectronic modules into one secure, cloud-hosted, permission-based access control system.

Numerous Heritage buildings have incorporated eCLIQ® to maintain their security and are currently benefitting from the following features:


  • Eliminates the risk of lost or stolen keys
  • Time-based flexible access
  • Provides a real-time audit trail and reports
  • Government approved
  • Custom finishes available


Suitable for a wide range of applications from gates, gun cabinets, windows and doors, to control rooms and cash offices, Heritage buildings and museums trust CLIQ® as the system fulfils key needs when it comes to protecting listed and heritage property as stated below:


  • Minimal Intervention: The unique CLIQ® system allows seamless integration into existing locking solutions without affecting the look, feel or compliance of the existing installation with CLIQ® system achieving standards of fire and panic escape.
  • Necessity: Simple and efficient: You will not find another system easier to install or maintain with changing a key’s battery the only regular maintenance needed, which itself is fast and convenient. Your facility staff save time and the site saves money because there is no need to invest in extra monitoring devices.
  • Reversibility: Any changes to historic fabric or a listed building are easily reversible, as eCLIQ® requires minimal intervention to install with no wiring needed on cylinders or padlocks meaning no major alterations to existing hardware or the buildings aesthetics.
  • Compliance: The installation of security equipment, like all changes to listed buildings, must comply with all legal requirements, including listed building consent. Abloy products are tested to the highest standard and the eCLIQ® from ABLOY is compliant with fire and panic escape standards.


*Sourced: Heritage Crime Research: The Size of the Problem