Finance Sector Security


Security Solutions, Protecting Your Assets

Society relies on a stable Finance sector, and that dependence demands the highest level of physical and digital security.
With the increase in emerging threats from cyber-attacks to malicious physical attacks, people, assets and property need to be protected at Corporate and Local level.

Expanding the physical coverage of ATMs and the CIT services required to support them and the retail banks has added its own level of complexity, where access rights at many locations need to be both convenient and tightly controlled to maintain service and security.

ABLOY provides solutions to minimise the risk of disruption to service, to help ensure business continuity – from helping you compartmentalise areas of buildings in the event of Dynamic Lockdown to preventing the spread of fire and smoke, Abloy has a secure solution. 

Abloy Solutions:

CLIQ® – One key, many solutions.

  • Easy to use web managed electromechanical key system
  • Single key management of Branch and ATM networks
  • Customised, secure permission based key solution
  • Eliminates the risk from lost or stolen keys
  • Full Audit trail – who, where, when
  • Improve operational efficiency from missed engineer calls
  • Integrates with route planning, ideal for CIT
  • Reduce expenditure on key cutting
  • Government approved

Electric Locks:

  • Compliant to fire and escape standards
  • Help you achieve Dynamic Lockdown
  • Secure and allows escape even in the event of a power cut
  • Corporate Sustainability Objectives – Unlike magnetic locks, they only consume power when used

Safe Lock:

  • Audit 1,000 events - downloaded to iButton
  • Software - user friendly and enables lock set up via pc rather than through keypad
  • Single or dual opening modes - you can choose whether one or two people need to be present to open the lock.
  • Up to 45 users in dual mode, 80 users in single mode
  • Dual programming mode - enhances security for lock administration
  • Courier Code - allows the time lock to be bypassed for Cash in Transit
  • Engineering Code - allows time lock interruption if programmed in advance
  • Audit code - cannot be used to open the lock, can be used for auditing purposes only

Fire & Security Doors:

  • High Security Doors – Tested to LPS 1175 SR2 to SR4
  • Fire Doors
    • FD30(S) – FD240(S) in accordance with BS EN 476 Part 22: 1987
    • E30 – E240 in accordance with BS EN 1634-1:2008
    • Most standard configurations are Certifire compliant.

ABLOY products are recognised and trusted as the premium high security locking solutions, chosen around the world to protect critical infrastructure. 

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