Escape Door Systems (EDS)


Escape from a building can be a matter of life and death.

An Escape Door System (EDS) is designed specifically to ensure people can escape safely through electrically controlled Escape doors, and maintains secure locking in the event of an emergency.

The importance of emergency escape routes is often underestimated because emergencies and tragedies are only highlighted when they do not work. Failing to provide a compliant escape can lead to the loss of life, substantial fines and even custodial sentences.

To date, it had not been possible to provide a compliant solution for an escape door when Read-In and Read-Out access control was specified, but with the EDS from Abloy complying to BS EN 13637, there is now a solution.

BS EN 13637 - Standard for electronically controlled escape door systems for doors along escape routes.

By fitting an Abloy EDS built to comply with standards, you are fulfilling your legal responsibilities and keeping people safe in the event of an emergency.


The EDS 1386 No Delay and the EDS 1386 T1 Delay provide the same security features, however, the as the T1 Delay delays exit for 15 seconds, preventing an escape in very high-security situation.

The EDS products from Abloy offer secure, safe and compliant solutions delivering many additional benefits over traditional escape hardware, and are ideal for securing the following areas:


  • Office Buildings
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Retail

  • Healthcare – Healthcare centres, GP Surgeries, Care homes, etc.
  • Airports
  • Hospitals

  • Concert venues
  • Stadiums
  • Education – Nurseries, schools, colleges, universities


  • Prevents children from leaving your premises without permission while maintaining safe escape routes if required.
  • Allows an easy way to enable egress after an event or during an emergency, helping you maintain the highest safety standards by allowing smooth traffic flow out of all EDS exits.
  • Provides a secure locking solution and prevents thieves from using the escape doors by delaying their exit, enabling security staff to take control.
  • Electronically controlled Escape Door Systems helps prevent misuse and are monitored and controlled to allow safe egress through the escape route.
  • Provides a Dynamic Lockdown solution to help save lives in the event of a terror attack or other unforeseen threats. Escape Door Systems can not only keep people safe by ensuring escape, they also protect your perimeter by preventing unauthorised people granting others access, restricting movement around the building and keep people safe in hostile situations.

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