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73% of Care Home decision makers are concerned with their current security measures*

Care homes present many unique security challenges. A residence should feel like a welcoming space and provide a pleasant environment to greet family and other visitors. It should be a home in every sense. Yet managers must ensure effective site security; keeping staff, patients, patients property, sensitive data and medicines secure, safe from unauthorised access.

How do we secure care homes and their residents in the 21st century?

Abloy UK offers digital solutions including keyless, RFID locks that ensure a safe environment and easy, convenient access control for patients and staff in addition to key management systems, compliant Electric Locks and auditable locks for secure medication management.

Click the tabs below to see the full range of digital and keyless access control solutions and see what you can do to keep your patients, staff and property safe and secure.

Pod Lockers

Abloy’s RFID keyless locks are the ideal solution for all types of bedside and residential furniture providing effective, secure protection for your patients’ personal items, medication and valued possessions. Easy to use, the locks require minimal setup and can be retro-fit allowing simple and convenient installation. RFID access is available via card or disposable rubber wristbands, giving easy access and usability for both patients and nurses with the ability to easily remove or add users.

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Electric locks

Abloy are the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of high-quality electric locks, and the combination of safety and security makes our electric locks the ideal access control solutions. Ideal for care home installation, our range of electric locks meet the dimensions and standard regulations used in European markets (BSEN1125 and BSEN179) and can withstand the heavy usage that comes from many people using the door for access daily whilst also being discreet, letting patients feel comfortable and relaxed in their surroundings.

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Traka 21

Traka 21 is a stand-alone key management system, which combines innovative RFID technology and robust design to provide your care home with intelligent management of up to 21 keys or keysets in an affordable plug and play unit. Offering the ability for keys to be shared by staff on different shifts using verified PIN access to the unit, the innovative key management system allows only specific people to access dedicated keys at specific times, with screen-based audit trails and reporting capability via USB port, which if used in conjunction with CLIQ®, will maximise the security of your assets.

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SMARTair™ wireless devices provide audit trails, real-time monitoring and the easiest upgrade and replacement for mechanical locks — and are just as simple to retrofit to existing premises as install from scratch. Swapping existing locks for battery-powered cylinders or escutcheons with integrated card readers is easy with SMARTair™ instantly linking to a door to the admin software, freeing care managers from key hassles and upgrading resident security. Using a PC or smartphone, it takes a few seconds to issue or revoke a key-card, wristband or whatever programmable credential residents use to open doors. Care homes can have both simplicity and security, with a SMARTair™ system that saves staff time, eliminates key hassles and makes residents safer.

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*Source: Industry Report of Dementia Care & Nursing Homes, 2018