Super Weather Proof (SWP)

Natural forces – whether that’s storms from the sea, burning sun, biting frost or desert sand and dust – subject high security installations in a range of sectors to extreme stress.

Industries such as telecommunications, utilities and power generation, rail and other transport sectors often have sites and assets in remote and disparate locations that are susceptible to severe and rapidly changing weather. To fulfil maintenance and repairs their teams need dependable locks that not only resist malicious attack, but enable access for their staff in some of the most extreme environments.

To fulfil these demanding requirements Abloy UK supplies its range of Super Weather Proof padlocks, which have the ability to withstand the toughest weather conditions, because the components are extremely well protected.

The excellent physical strength of these padlocks provides extremely effective protection against forcing, picking and vandalism. Case hardened Boron steel shackles offer exceptional resilience and have successfully passed demanding corrosion tests. 

SWP padlocks feature an extremely tight, no compromise construction with the hermetic weather seal cap, sealed shackle and other innovative protective measures meaning that they exceed IP68 requirements for no ingress of dust and continuous immersion in water. Security is guaranteed even with regular exposure to extreme heat or cold, storm-driven salt water or fine desert dust. 

Mechanical and electromechanical models are available in a range of sizes, with the option to incorporate them with PROTEC2 CLIQ® technology, to provide flexible permission-based access and complete traceability of who had access and when - meaning this solution is ideally suited to large-scale applications requiring both access supervision and flexibility in handling access rights.

PL330 - Medium strength brass padlock with chrome finish

An all purpose padlock of durable construction for storage doors, motorcycles, gates, trailers, power station switches and similar applications. PL330 padlocks feature an 8 mm, hardened boron steel shackle. They are also available with non-sparking brass or stainless steel shackle. PL330/100 is not tested for a security grading.

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PL340 - Tough, surface hardened steel padlock

Extra-strong padlocks for applications where high security is required. Ideal for construction equipment, tractor trailers and remote storage areas, trucks, storage bins, roller shutter doors, motorcycles and warehouses. The case hardened steel body is highly resistant to all types of physical attack. PL340 padlocks are equipped with a 10 mm diameter, hardened boron steel shackle.

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PL350 - Extra strong steel padlock for demanding applications

Case hardened steel body provides tough protection for high security applications including shipping containers, railway wagons, trucks, and warehouses. PL350 padlocks are equipped with a 14 mm diameter, case hardened boron steel shackle.

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PL362 - Strongest padlock in the market

For applications where maximum security is required. Case hardened steel body with raised shoulders and a top-loaded cylinder provide the highest level of security and protection. Typical applications include containers, railway wagons, trucks, heavy sliding doors and military uses. PL362 padlock is equipped with a 15 mm diameter, case hardened boron steel shackle.

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