ABLOY SMARTair™ protects you with state-of-the-art access control

·          Simple to program and easy to use.

·          Smart capabilities include authorisations.

·          Time schedules.

·          Event logs.

·          Instant cancellation of lost or stolen electronic cards.

ABLOY SMARTair™ offers quick and easy installation without the need to wire the door, meaning minimal disruption and inconvenience to the day to day work environment.

·          No wiring required.

·          Fits almost any lock.

·          Any type of door.

·          Can be incorporated into existing access control systems.

·          Can be retro-fit to existing mechanical lock cases.

ABLOY SMARTair™ is an electronic handle set or escutcheon that provides a completely standalone single door control operating as an electronic Master Keying system.

ABLOY SMARTair™ unique design and technology feature important benefits in comparison with mechanical keys and cylinders or with a wired online access control system. ABLOY SMARTair™ incorporates intuitive software and email alerts and can even be controlled with a smartphone.

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