Locker hasp <22mm

Locker hasps for doors up to 22mm thickness.


ASSA lockerhasps can be used in combination with padlocks for lockers, drawers, vending machines, etc


- ASSA OEM lockerhasps 391350, 390785 and 390684 to be used on doors withthickness up to 22mm.
- Uses the same assortment of catches as ASSA OEM camlocks.
- Uses the same 18/22 hole preparation as most camlocks


- The rotation of the catch is prevented by the padlock in locked position. When the padlock is removed the catch can be rotated 90° and the door can be opened.
- Available in right and left hand models.
- Recommended padlock dimensions: diameter of hasp 5-7mm and inner measure of hasp min. 19mm.