The battery driven locker lock E-Motion can easily be assembled on changing lockers in gyms, swimming areas and the like.

The system owner can easily set times for automatic opening, collect audit trail, etc.

The user can grant access to a predefined locker or have the possibility to freely choose an unoccupied locker.  

Since E-Motion is battery driven no wiring is needed inside the locker.

The easy installation makes the lock suitable also when upgrading lock solution on existing lockers. 

The batteries and electronics are placed on the secure side of the locker door which will make them unaccessable when the locker door is locked. To protect the batteries and the reader unit these are placed behind protective covers that can only be removed with a special tool.

The materials are chosen in order to work both in dry and humid areas.

E-Motion is based on Mifare technology (13.56MHz) with sector reading/writing. To open or lock the locker lock a Mifare 1K or 4K card is programmed in the software.

E-Motion can be integrated in the Smartair system if there is a need to combine locker doors and building doors in the system.