Model C coin lock

The Unimille series is our newest coinlock series. When developing the Unimille series a great amount of effort have been invested in making it secure, flexible and attractive. The locks are equipped with a robust hookbolt which creates a very strong connection between door and frame. Access to locking the coinlock is granted with a predefined coin.

Most of the available coins can be used in the lock. The size limitations of the coins are: diameter between 19.75-28.5mm and thickness between 1.5-3.4mm. 

The Unimille series consists of seven models which are all equipped with a changeable cylinder. A changeable cylinder has several advantages like the possibility to change the cylinder on the coinlock fast and easy if keys are missing. The cylinder can be chosen in two security levels, medium or high.

All models in the series can also be equipped with the penalty function. The penalty function is used in order to prevent "the booking" of lockers. The manager can open the locker and take the deposit with a special key and then lock the locker again. When the person that has "booked" the locker returns he will open the locker, the key will be attached to the lock and the deposit coin will be lost. 

The materials in the lock has been chosen in order to make sure that the lock works in dry areas aswell as in humid and corrosive environments such as swimming areas.

All locks can be delivered for right hand and left hand doors.