332.238 fail unlocked emergency exit electric strike

Designed especially for locking doors along escape routes. The 332 is considered the world's smallest escape door strike due to its small dimensions. Its compact design is comparable with a standard electric strike, thus guaranteeing fast, simple installation in a wide variety of different profiles and frames.

  • Radius latch
  • Min. 2000 N, max. 3000 N holding power according to prEN13633 and prEN 13637
  • Unlocking under preload with 100% holding power
  • Monitoring contact as microswitch and armature contact as light barrier
  • Compatible with earlier 331 series, if the striking plate is replaced
  • ProFix® 2-compatible
  • Adjustable FaFix® latch: 4 mm adjustment range with 0.5 mm increments
  • Monitoring flap moves together with the FaFix® screw-on attachment, i.e. the switching point always remains the same
  • Approved for installation as additional locking mechanism in fire rated doors
Adjustable latch (FF, FaFix®): Yes
Adjustable electric strike (F, Fix): Yes
Monitoring contact (RR): Yes
Diode (05): Yes
Fail-unlocked: Yes
Break-in resistance: 3000 N
Height: 77,6 mm
Width: 20 mm
Depth: 28 mm
Latch bolt engaging depth: 6 mm
FaFix® adjustment range: 4 mm
Max. pre-load: 3000 N
Operating temperature range: -15 °C to +40 °C
Installation position: vertical and horizontal
Anchor contact: Yes
Switching capacity - monitoring contact: 24 V/ 1 A
Material housing: Steel
Latch material: Steel
Material surface-mounted attachment: Steel
Continuous function load cycles: 200 000
Load cycles for in-plant test: 500 000
Scope of delivery 1 piece escape door strike
Ordernumber Product potential
332.238-----E91 Electric strike 332.238-----E91 12 V DC
332.238-----F91 Electric strike 332.238-----F91 24 V DC