118.23 fail locked monitoring electric strike

Model with monitoring contact as potential-free changeover contact, actuated by the latch bolt.

  • Radius keep, FaFix®, adjustable by 3 mm
  • Universal voltage
  • Clampable/ plug-in connection
  • Compatible with current mortise locks
  • Compatible with ProFix® 2 striking plates
  • Optimum sliding ramp for a soft interplay with latch bolt
  • Symmetrical design. DIN left/right as well as horizontal applicable

Technical data
Voltage: 10-24 V AC/DC
Adjustable latch (FF, FaFix®): Yes
Monitoring contact (RR): Yes
Fail-locked: Yes
Break-in resistance: 3750 N
Height: 74 mm
Width: 20,1 mm
Depth: 25,5 mm
FaFix® adjustment range: 3 mm
Latch bolt engaging depth: 5,5 mm
Operating temperature range: -15 °C to +40 °C
Installation position: vertical and horizontal
Load cycles for in-plant test: 250000
Suitability for fire protection: No
Switching capacity - monitoring contact: 24 V / 1 A
Resistant to continuous current: 11-13 V DC
Rated resistance: 43,00 Ω
Rated current consumption 12 V DC: 280 mA
Rated current consumption 24 V DC: 560 mA
Rated current consumption 12 V AC: 250 mA
Rated current consumption 24 V AC: 500 mA
Max. latch preload AC: 200 N
Max. latch preload DC (stabilised): 50 N