914UR--40335Q31 fail locked electric strike

Changeover between the 12 and 24 V voltage range using a sliding switch: Easy, safe voltage selection is assured. Integrated TVS diode provides surge protection for direct and alternating currents. This single model means there is no longer a need to decide at the planning stages whether the system should be 12 or 24 volts, DC or AC current, and with or without diode as the door strike covers all these options.

  • Vertical and horizontal mounting possible
  • Universal use for DIN left and DIN right due to simple 180° rotation
  • Fail-locked and fail-unlocked version
  • With 12/24 V changeover switch including TVS diode (e.g. to combine with access control systems)
  • Adjustment to glass leaf thickness
  • Glass leaf thickness adjustable between 9-12 and between 13-15 mm (FaFix®)
  • Model 914U with securing pin against unintentional locking of the door strike latch

Voltage: 12/24 V AC/DC eE
Adjustable latch (FF, FaFix®): Yes
Monitoring contact (RR): Yes
Diode (05): Yes
Fail-locked: Yes
Break-in resistance: 3700 N 
Glas door thickness: 9-12 mm 
Operating voltage tolerance range 12 V: ± 1 V 
Operating voltage tolerance range 24 V: ± 2 V 
Nominal resistance 12 V: 57,50 Ω
Nominal resistance 24 V: 230,00 Ω
AC current consumption 12 V: 130 mA
AC current consumption 24 V : 70 mA
DC-current consumption (50% Residual ripple) 12 V: 190 mA
DC current consumption (50% ripple) 24 V : 100 mA
DC-current consumption (stabilized) 12 V: 210 mA
DC current consumption (stabilised) 24 V: 105 mA
AC-operating noise 12 V: well audible [3]
AC operating sound 24V: well audible [3]
DC-operating noise 12 V: no noise [0]
DC operating sound 24V: no noise [0]
Max. latch preload AC operation 12 V: 50 N
Max. latch preload AC operation 24 V: 50 N
Max. latch preload DC (50% ripple) 12 V: 10 N
Max. latch preload DC (50% ripple) 24 V : 10 N
Max. latch preload DC (stabilised) 12 V: 10 N
Max. latch preload DC (stabilised) 24 V : 10 N