RI002 Automatic rim latch with lockable thumbturn

RI002 is used in doors where extra security is needed.
Especially suitable for doors where thumbturn is vulnerable to attack e.g. glass panelled doors.
The red dot in the inside keyhole shows when the thumbturn is locked. 

Bolt deadlocks automatically when door is closed.
Bolt throw is 20 mm.
Bolt can be latched by depressing it into the lock case.
Bolt is released by depressing it further and turning thumbturn simultaneously.

Lock case, bolt, striker plate and keep of steel.

Lock case and keep black.Cylinder, pull and thumbturn chrome plated, brass plated or satin chrome plated.

Outside cylinders:
ABLOY CY053 and CY054 with cylinder systems ABLOY DISKLOCK PRO and ABLOY PROTEC.
ABLOY 5190 and 5176 with cylinder system ABLOY CLASSIC.

Thumbturn locking only with key systems ABLOY CLASSIC and ABLOY DISKLOCK PRO.