DC240 door closer

DC240 Silver
DC240 Silver
DC240 Brass
DC240 Black
DC240 Body
DC240 Bright brass
DC240 Stainless steel
DC240 Brown
DC240 White

ABLOY DC240 door closer is suitable for external doors, large doors and interior doors exposed to conditions of pressure and heavy use.
Maximum door weight is 120 kg, and door leaf width 1400 mm with standard arm. With sliding arm installation maximum door weight is 80 kg and door leaf width 1100 mm.


  • CE certified with standard and sliding arms
  • Adjustable closing force EN2-6 with standard arm and EN1-4 with sliding arm according to EN1154
  • Wide operating temperature range -35°C...+45°C
  • Easy adjustment of arm height (14 mm)
  • Can be installed with all ABLOY arms