CIPE Manager

A future-proof digital portfolio for high-level critical infrastructure protection

The Digital Portfolio for Critical Infrastructure enables a fully connected future across your entire operation, across all industries. This is the start of a new digital era within critical infrastructure performance excellence.

What critical infrastructure do we protect?

We cover society’s essential critical infrastructure in:


Protect and secure every aspect of your critical infrastructure

We offer complete protection across your entire critical infrastructure,with solutions that cover mechanical, electromechanical and keyless technology.

A comprehensive situational overview and operational efficiency with CIPE Manager

Manage your keys, locks and access rights on the go with CIPE Manager, our user-friendly, cloud-based management system. CIPE Manager connects with our digital portfolio including our keyless solution ABLOY BEAT, electromechanical solution PROTEC2 CLIQ, and ABLOY mechanical Master Key systems. All managed with CIPE Manager to provide digital convenience, control and security that simplifies managing your operation, while adding operational efficiency and complete situational awareness.

A digital portfolio for critical infrastructure performance excellence

ABLOY® BEAT - High-end Bluetooth padlock for critical infrastructure protection

ABLOY BEAT with its Super Weather Proof padlock andmobile app, sets a new benchmark in keyless solutions.The entire system can be managed with CIPE Manager or by third party system, with the help of integrations. Get keyless convenience and protection across all your entire critical infrastructure.


PROTEC2 CLIQ - Secure every lock, key and access with remote access management

PROTEC2 CLIQ provides the convenience of remote control and high-level security throughout your business, anytime and from anywhere. CIPE Manager can connect your electromechanical solution for maximum situational awareness. Compatible with help of integrations, a third-party management system can also be used.


Simplifying mechanical key management and adding extra security

CIPE Manager also provides a comprehensive situational overview of your mechanical keys’ distribution and storage.This simplifies administration and user rights, while increasing security and operational efficiency.


Global support and worldwide service network

Comprehensive support is provided by ABLOY Critical Infrastructure, ASSA ABLOY Global Solution distribution andservice network, as well as regional competence centres.

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