Contactless locks for Healthcare

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While patients are away from their beds and their belongings are left unattended, the risk of theft is high. Stolen property leads to compensation claims, which are expensive and damage a hospitals reputation.

Abloy's RFID locks are designed specifically to secure patients property in their bedside cabinets, without the need for keys.

Benefits for the Hospital: Benefits for Patients:
  • Cost effective
  • Substantially reduced
    ​compensation claims
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Integrates with CLIQ®
  • Easy access for pharmacists 
    to maintain patients' drugs
  • Card operated patient lockers
  • Individual drugs storage 
  • Verified infection control
  • Improved drugs control
  • ​No lost keys
  • Keyless - easy to use
  • Card operated patient lockers
  • Secure personal property
  • Individual drugs storage 
  • Verified infection control
  • No lost keys


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