The Classic Coin Lock for Leisure Centre Lockers

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Existing Coin Locks will not accept new £1 coins when they are introduced in March 2017. After this point in time all current coin operated locker locks will need to be replaced or converted to accept the new £1 coin.

Leisure centres are popular venues and changing room lockers are heavily used which means if you currently operate £1 coin locks you will need to replace the existing locks. With the new £1 coin being introduced in 2017 you need to prepare now.

Using the redesigned Classic Coin Lock means that changing your coin locks is easy and convenient; their capability to receive the new £1 coin and the old £1 coin means that upgrading to these new locks as soon as possible will be the most cost efficient way to prepare for the new £1 coin.

The Classic Coin Lock provides the following benefits:

  • Can operate with both old and new £1 coin
  • Locks can easily be converted from coin return to coin retain
  • Versions available for use with tokens
  • Easily replace or convert existing locks
  • Left and Right hand operations available

Alternatively you could look at the

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For an alternative to coin operated locks


Mifare RFID Lock  
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To find out more about how the Classic Coin Lock can benefit you or to request a call back: