CLIQ for Healthcare

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During each shift nurses waste a substantial amount of time looking for keys to drug cabinets, which causes delays in administering drugs and can be used to provide patient care.

Implementing the PROTEC2 CLIQ® solution means there is no need to search for lost keys to drug cabinets. Each nurse can be given their own key that provides them with access only to the specific cabinets and areas they need, saving them time that can be used providing patient care.

PROTEC2 CLIQ® is already delivering the following major benefits to several NHS Trusts:

  • Increased security of controlled drugs
  • Saving of 40 minutes per shift for each nurse
  • Improved Patient Care
  • A 600% Return on Investment in the first year

See how PROTEC2 CLIQ® has improved efficiency at Scunthorpe Hospital:

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