Help with legislation


With the ever increasing complexity of the law in relation to security and access, it's reassuring to know that Abloy have the expertise to ensure your compliance.

Legislation - the issues

Continuing EU directives and additions to UK law, including the Disability Discrimination Act, have added to the complexity of legislation surrounding the industry. This makes the design and specification of public access and exiting far more time consuming - and potentially very costly where health and safety or fire inspection could lead to the need for redesign and re-installation of inadequate or non-compliant equipment.

How can we help?

Our consultants are well-versed in all aspects of legislation and can advise on the legal implications of system design and product compliance. This will save time and worry by ensuring an effective and legal solution, first time.

Standards compliance

Our extensive range, incorporating products to meet or exceed all current legislative standards, will almost certainly provide the components to construct the right solution to maintain your compliance - as well as providing efficient security and freedom of movement appropriate for your site.