Scandinavian range

ABLOY EL402 - Electromechanical lock for narrow stile doors

ABLOY EL402 lock case with double action bolt features an innovative adjustable backset technique


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ABLOY EL502 - Electromechanical lock for wooden doors SCANDIVNAVIAN RANGE

Electromechanical lock case ABLOY EL502 with new double action bolt construction combines user friendly function with durability.


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ABLOY EL480, EL482 - Scandinavian range solenoid locks with handle control

ABLOY EL480, EL482 Electromechanical locks for narrow stile doors


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ABLOY EL580, EL582 - Scandinavian range solenoid lock with handle control

ABLOY EL580, EL582 Electromechanical lock cases for wooden doors.


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ABLOY EL490, PE490, EL590 and PE590 - Scandinavian range motor locks

Flexible multifunctional locking


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ABLOY EL574 High Security Motor Lock

ABLOY EL574 is a fast motor lock with dead bolt and handle operated latch bolt for wooden and steel doors.

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Motor Locks ABLOY EL648, EL654 with hook bolt - Scandinavian range

ABLOY EL648 and EL654 are heavy duty motor locks with hook bolt for narrow stile doors. They provide superior mechanical strength against physical attack.


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Multifunction motor lock ABLOY EL754 - Scandinavian range

ABLOY EL754 is a new generation motor lock for wooden and steel doors. It provides the best possible mechanical strength combined with highly advantageous electric features, e.g. data communication between lock case and control unit.


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