Foundations Plus Course

This course is designed for delegates who have attended the Foundations course and have understood the implications of the Constructions Product Directive, regulatory reform order and the implications of specifications to the BS/EN standards.

The course will utilize the theory and knowledge gained from the Foundations course to develop and defend Standards Compliant Electric Locking Solutions for Access Control Doors.

It will include differentiating between the various basic options for retro fit or new build (Scandinavian, DIN, ANSI), and the correct solution for different door types and stiles ensuring that these are both Fire and Escape compliant.

The course will also discuss the monitoring points available with each individual lockcase, and re-enforce the differences between fail locked and fail unlocked, fail safe and fail secure and Abloy’s unique ability to provide escape even when a lock is configured fail locked, (on different sides of the door).

The course provides an excellent link from the foundations course to the hands on electric locking course.

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