Foundations Course

Full-day course for installers, security managers, Lock Centres, end users and specifiers.

Covers the majority of standards applicable to door sets from hinges to door selectors in simple to understand chunks.

Understand the needs of a door from its location within the building and the use that the door is subject to.

Recognise “Fire Doors”, particularly now that the Constructions Product Regulations dictate the use of Fire Tested hardware.

Understand the escape risks and regulations applicable to public buildings, [i.e. non-residential]. These standards and their use are explained in detail, ensuring that we only specify compliant solutions.

The Regulatory Reform Order has also changed the Specifiers/Installers responsibility as well as the End Users, making self assessment of escape requirements mandatory within the work place.

Course notes will be provided, in the form of “Best Practice Guides”, covering the majority of the standards covered.

There is a short test at the end of each course and MLA members can earn 3 CPD points for attendance.

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