Electric lock installation course



Who should attend?

Installers, security managers, Lock Centres, end users, specifiers.

Course Duration

Full day.

Course Synopsis

For perfect and efficient installation.

The course is designed to ensure that we create a perfect mortice first time, every time; ensuring that the lock is installed both horizontally and vertically correct at all times. In practice we try to ensure a factory fit, and mortice to doors that ARE already hung.

Students will fit a lock with hand tools, and also a lock with a morticer jig, and other specialist equipment purposebuilt tools. This allows installation with confidence and helps reduce installation time on a door-by-door basis. Core drilling utilising specialist jig attachments to the morticer, virtually eliminating the risk of drilling through the door face.

Our lecturers have over 40 years of lock fitting experience between them.

This course was initially designed to provide instruction to Security Companies. However experience has shown that Locksmiths do attend and find the course informative, learning much
from the day.

(Max. 6 places per course)