Abloy are committed to being sustainable, ensuring future generations have a good quality of life and aim to achieve this with sustainable development in all areas of operations.

The focus areas of our environmentally friendly options are:

•               Energy efficiency

•               Reducing the hazardousness and amount of waste produced

•               Efficient use of water

•               Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

•               Recycling

Abloy has focused on improving its sustainability for several years. Monitoring performance in manufacturing plants and implementing targets to increase sustainability.

 Abloy’s ambition is to develop new product concepts that are truly innovative in the way they solve customer problems or create customer value, while being based on more sustainable solutions and processes.

To maximize the sustainability of new products and solutions, Abloy considers the whole life cycle of products and focus the engineering efforts on areas where the greatest impact can be achieved. (Learn more about Product end of life here).

Abloy intends to reduce its use of chemicals, energy and materials needed to fulfil security, safety and convenience requirements. The ultimate aim is to reduce the negative impact of our products and processes. The reuse aspect is addressed through an increased focus on modularity.