The Environment


It is our policy to supply products and packaging that cause the least possible impact on the environment.

Environmental policy

As an established and respected company, we are aware of, and take seriously our responsibilities towards our community and the wider world.

Accordingly, we are working towards lowest possible carbon emissions from our activities and least impact on the environment from the production of our products and packaging materials. Also, we promote and supply products that fulfil the need for sophisticated functionality, but use less power with lower life-cycle costs, unlike other solutions that draw energy constantly.

Company competence

Abloy are an ISO9001:2008 certified company.

Nurturing our staff

We believe our people are a key factor in bringing about successful solutions for our customers - and consequently to the success of our business.

We select and train our staff for their ability to work with each other - and our clients - to assist and resolve problems in a productive and courteous manner.

Our company policy is to encourage every member of staff to progress and fulfil their potential, with training provided either on the job, or from formal courses. Discover for yourself Abloy's can-do attitude.