Commercial Director Pat Jefferies shares his thoughts on recent developments at Abloy UK


"During visits with customers and end users, we often find that the subject matter revolves around access control requirements but develops into a detailed conversation on physical security, identifying that the two are not really fully understood or related. For example, end users want the peace of mind that when a key is issued, it cannot be copied but can be taken out of usage when lost or stolen.

"Abloy is first in being able to provide for both eventualities within a single system.

"ABLOY CLIQ Remote and Protec together unlock a whole new dimension within the access control industry, as it provides a solution previously unattainable with traditional offerings. Compatible for conventional doors, but also expanding the horizons to include applications where traditional products can never be utilised, particularly when these solutions are power dependant. For example telecoms masts, utility sites, airport buildings and much more.

"What makes it even more exceptional, is that this is not limited to applications in close proximity to power supplies or indeed limited by the cover of Wi-Fi or GSM signals.  ABLOY CLIQ Protec remote, provides a solution to secure virtually all access control applications, never compromising Abloy's heritage and core values of high security, strength and durability. 

"Access control and physical security are factors that are rarely related, with access control "managing the flow of people, within a given area" and physical security proving the first line of defence against unauthorised  entry.

"Abloy's core values have always provided for the highest level of physical security, often exceeding the industry standards as well as our reputation for providing quality training and consulting services. Mechanically, Abloy Protec utilises the very latest in patented rotating disc mechanisms, which is world-renowned as providing what is accepted in the industry as the highest physical security and anti-manipulation available.

"All of this, combined with our expertise and know-how means that Abloy UK and its PROTEC CLIQ Remote solution provides for full flexibility and a no compromise access control functionality"