New generation of coin locks for locker applications


Leading security and access control specialist Abloy UK has launched a new range of ASSA coin locks, under the Unimille brand, for the OEM market. Comprising seven different models, the new locks have been specifically designed for security solutions across a wide range of locker applications.

Strength and high security is integral to all seven models, which are manufactured using robust, durable and tamper resistant materials. Each model comprises a strong hook bolt and every lock is offered with a choice of a patented Desmo cylinder or standard 6-pin cylinder. All of which are also available with a penalty function stopping "locker personalisation".

Each model in the new range benefits from easy configuration and a host of mix and match features provide OEMS with an impressive choice of configurative options, thus enabling them to offer customers the right lock to meet individual needs.

Every model is available as a left or right lock and all can be fitted with a collection box or return tray which returns deposits automatically when opened.

An extensive choice of coin functions include one deposit coin or a choice of two deposit coins such as 1 Euro and 50 cent or 1 Euro and 1 pound. Also, a number of different deposit and/or pay functions provide increased flexibility to users.

One example, designed to increase guest convenience through cost-free openings, is a one-deposit function for several lockings and one for payment with a return button to return the deposit.

Shaun Powell, General Manager – Locking Solutions, from Abloy UK comments: "With the launch of the new Unimille range of coin-operated locks, we believe OEMs have a far more comprehensive choice of top quality security solutions for locker applications than ever before.

"Lockers are used in a number of harsh environments, such as wet locations like swimming pools or dirty factory areas on factory floors. The Unimille range, which has been designed to sit alongside and complement our other popular ranges of coin locks, offers a selection of high security robust locks professionally designed and engineered with the strength and durability to stand up to these adverse conditions and provide optimum performance over a long operating life.

"When you add the benefits of mix and match, enabling OEMS to provide customers with tailored solutions, we believe the new Unimille range of coin locks will be unrivalled in the marketplace."