Tom celebrates 25 years MLA membership

Tom joined the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) over 25 years ago.

A huge congratulations to Abloy UK's Tom Jenkins on this achievement.

Tom Jenkins receives MLA award for 25 years

Tom Jenkins, Commercial Projects Manager at ABLOY UK began his illustrious career 36 years ago as an apprentice Locksmith at Kwick Key and Lock Service and completed it at Bramah Security to become a fully qualified locksmith. 

Throughout over three decades in the industry he has continued to learn about a profession that still uses the mechanical platform first designed by the Egyptians, but which Assa Abloy has developed to meet the needs of the 21st century.

Tom appreciates that his experience has been enhanced by the MLA’s knowledgeable training teams over the years, and he’s now proud to be a trainer to MLA members regionally, and for CPNI nationally, as well as a supporting member of the GAI. He’s also keen to ‘give back’ in other ways and enthusiastically gives his time to charity where his most recent efforts have helped to raise money for the 2nd London Air Ambulance and a Mobile Paediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Tom has put his experience to good use, and in March 2014 he was awarded Freeman of the City of London for his services to the Royal Household, for whom he has provided expertise as Master locksmith to the Crown Jewels and the Royal Family private apartments. The award was also given for supporting the Metropolitan Police & Security Services for over 10 years with industry knowledge and training.

He joined Assa Abloy in 2003 and acknowledges that staying in manufacturing since then has enabled him to learn a new set of skills, and add benefit to the industry.

Tom commented, “I strongly value the knowledge I have gained over the last 3 decades and I’m very proud to work for ABLOY UK and to be a long standing member of the MLA. The combined association continues to help me grow and develop my knowledge and skills, as in different ways they are both leaders in the business of providing locking solutions, ensuring safety and security for people and businesses.

Tom says “Successfully delivering ‘change’ is key to our continued safety and security. Digital and technological developments have been revolutionary in our industry and will benefit us all globally; I’m proud to be part of that and proud to ware my badges for ABLOY UK and the MLA”

Steffan George, Managing Director of Master Locksmiths Association added, “With the MLA about to enter its 60th year the association is all about its members, and it has come a long way since those first meetings back in 1958 in London. We’re always pleased to see members who keep their membership going for long periods as it shows that they are benefiting from being part of the association and we are therefore delighted to be able to award Tom with his 25 year Certificate Of Appreciation; proof of the emphasis on standards that Tom has put, and continues to put into his career. We hope to be able to continue awarding Tom with long service badges for another 25 years!”