New RIBA-approved CPD from Abloy

Abloy UK are pleased to announce the release of a new RIBA-approved CPD covering all aspects of Electric Locking for Fire and/or Escape door applications.

New CPD from Abloy

For many years, the Abloy Academy has been a highly respected school for learning about the relevant standards applicable to escape and fire door applications when electric locking and/or Access Control requirements are part of the brief. 

We have worked hard to keep abreast of changes and to provide different levels of education to cover the core requirements of both the trade and the specifier. 

We are pleased to advise that we have just received RIBA accreditation for our latest offering ensuring the content is fully up to date with the current Building Regulations covering the traditional requirements for Escape and Panic doors as defined in BS EN 179 for Emergency Escape Hardware and BS EN 1125 for Panic Escape Hardware, in line with the newly published BS EN 13637 standard for Electrically Controlled Escape doors.

We offer a fully designed system meeting the requirements of the BS EN 13637 standard for Electrically Controlled Escape doors through our sister company eff-eff to the UK market sector. 

This new addition to the family of Escape door standards along with the requirements outlined in TS010 clarify what is and what is not acceptable as an escape door solution as defined under the terms of the Constructions Product Regulation.

In simple terms, we must fit fire tested products to any door that has a fire requirement, but never compromise the requirement to escape. We now have a clearly defined set of rules that ensure we can always specify compliant and legal specifications meeting the requirements of compartmentalisation of a building and the escape requirement.

Interestingly, we should also be mindful of CPNI and NaCTSO advice to provide for ‘Dynamic Lockdown’ which essentially provides security in unpredictable situations, providing life safety.  Dynamic Lockdown never compromises the need to escape but could save lives in certain threatening situations. 

Wish to know more?

The ABLOY Foundations course provides the full detail and this course is run regularly at ABLOY UK in our Willenhall Academy.  Bookings can be made at

For a shorter RIBA approved version we are happy by appointment to arrange a local course – please get in touch via