Abloy to showcase locking solutions at Clinical Pharmacy

Held at ExCel London between 12 -13th May 2017, Clinical Pharamcy is a national event focusing on positive changes within the NHS mind-set and methodology as the only way to improve patient safety outcomes.

abloy exhibits at clinical pharmacy

 Abloy will be promoting web-based security management solutions PROTEC2 CLIQ®, which will allow for the remote management of disparate or large electronic master-keyed sites at any time, from anywhere in the world. The system is gaining popularity, having been implemented at Scunthorpe Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. PROTEC2 CLIQ ® provides comprehensive audit trails on medicine cabinet cylinders and padlocks, and the ability to remove lost or stolen keys from the system, thereby providing tight key management at all times. This means nurses can be more efficient as they do not have to waste valuable time looking for keys, and medicines are secured more effectively.

Abloy will also be demonstrating its SMARTair system, which is the ideal solution for patient lockers, SMARTairTM is an electronic handle set or escutcheon that provides a completely standalone single door control operating as an electronic master keying system.

Keeping patients’ belongings and prescribed drugs safe from loss or damage can be challenging for the NHS organisations, due to movement of patients during their stay, their reluctance to hand over property for safe keeping and the volume of patients seen on NHS sites. By securing these personal items in a cabinet or locker, patients can have peace of mind that their possessions are secure, and only they can access them using an RFID access card.

A leading NHS director spoke about PROTEC2 CLIQ® and said “Across 50 wards, the time saved is equivalent to having 24 extra nurses each day”.

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