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Protec2 CLIQ® doesn’t just secure controlled drugs cabinets, it can also save each nurse 30 – 40 minutes per shift that can be used for Patient Care. By giving each nurse their own key which allows them access to specific cupboards and areas, they do not need to search for keys to drugs cabinets.

The system proved so revolutionary and successful at Scunthorpe hospital, it was featured on the BBC news and the nurses were nominated for Nursing Times and HSJ innovation awards.


“The time saving for nurses compared to the cost of implementing the system made the argument very easy to win.
The cost to install the system in each ward is saved in released nursing time in about two months. That equates to  a Return on Investment of 600% in 12 months.
The Return on Investment is incredible.
I would also recommend that all other Trusts think about implementing a trial of this system and see for themselves  the benefits it can have.”

Mike Urwin, Clinical Director of Pharmacy and Medicine Management


The Care Quality Commission (CQC) also gave positive feedback on the Protec2 CLIQ® solution.

The findings from the CQC were featured in the quality report of the Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust’s Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, in which the centre gained an overall rating of ‘Good’, with services at the trust achieving an ‘Outstanding’ level.

With the implementation of the Protec2 CLIQ® system, each member of staff on duty has an electronic key that is linked to them by a key management system that provides audit trails and restricted access to certain staff, when skills and competencies have not been achieved.

This resulted in less time being spent looking for keys meaning greater nursing efficiency, and improved key control with access rights to certain areas being regulated much more effectively.

With a Protec2 CLIQ® system lost keys can be deleted in real time using the web management system, which means locks on controlled drugs cabinets do not need to be changed when a key is lost. If keys are lost, replacements can easily be programmed without having to cut new keys or calling in a locksmith. Using the Traka21 intelligent key cabinet which needs individual PIN codes to access, it is easy to see who took which key and when. This ensures key recovery can be much quicker by easily identifying who has which key.

Abloy’s range of RFID keyless locks is the ideal solution for patient lockers and POD lockers. Keeping patients’ belongings and prescribed drugs safe from loss or damage is a major challenge for NHS organisations. The movement of patients during their stay, their reluctance to hand over property for safekeeping and the volume of patients seen on NHS premises makes security of their property a problem. By securing these personal items in an RFID keyless controlled access cabinet or locker, patients and staff can have peace of mind.