How to act in a Paris-style gun attack

In light of the recent events in Paris, security chiefs have issued official guidance on how to prepare for a similar attack in Britain.

The National Counter Terrorism Security Office have stated that businesses and venues should ‘develop procedures to dynamically lockdown their sites in response to a fast moving incident such as a firearms or weapons attack, either directly at the site or in the vicinity’.

Three ‘STAY SAFE’ principles to consider at an incident have been outlined and these are to ‘run, hide and tell’. The ‘Run’ element states that people should escape if they can, consider the safest options, leave belongings behind, and insist others leave with them but ultimately if they can’t run- hide. The ‘Hide’ element advises that people should find cover from gunfire, put their phone on silent and crucially- be aware of their exits. The final stage is ‘Tell’- which refers to the information that hostages should provide to the police, including the location, direction of the suspects, descriptions of the attackers and engagement of prevention of other people entering the building.

NaCTSO have also created guidance on achieving dynamic lockdown, which refers to the ‘ability to quickly restrict access and egress to a site or building (or part of), through physical measures in response to a threat, either external or internal.’ The aim of lockdown is stated as to prevent people moving into danger areas, and preventing attackers accessing a site (or part of).

The following guidance has been released from NaCTSO on how to achieve dynamic lockdown:

- Identify all access and egress points in both public and private areas of the site
- Identify how to quickly and physically secure access/egress points
- Identify how your site can be sectored to allow specific areas to be locked
- Include staff roles and responsibilities in the plans; train staff effectively
- Stop people from leaving or entering the site- direct people away from danger
- Ability to disable lifts without returning them to the ground floor should be 
- Processes need to be flexible enough to cope with and compliment
   invacuation and evacuation

To read the official guidance note on developing Dynamic Lockdown procedures from NaCTSO- see here.

If owners of a business or building have any concerns about their security or compliance of their door hardware, for suitability in emergency situations or are looking for guidance- please visit this link to explore compliant locking solutions or email for more details.