Abloy UK supports Fire Door Safety Week

3 million fire doors are sold annually in the UK but do they all comply?

In Fire Door Safety Week Abloy UK covered several Fire Door and safety related issues. Our aim was to educate on the importance of each element of the door from the cylinder to the door closer being fire tested, and how crucial this is to ensure safety and security in the event of a fire.

Abloy UK supports Fire Door Safety Week

In order to protect the integrity of any fire door, the products fitted to it must be fire tested.This applies to everything; from the door closer, down to the cylinder. This testing is critical to ensure life safety and you should never leave this to chance; if in doubt, ask your suppliers for fire test evidence.

FIRE - Will your doors all close and lock securely in the event of a fire?

INDEPENDENT TESTING - Only indepently tested and CE-marked hardware should be fitted to a fire door.

REGULATIONS – The Regulations are there to protect you and your staff. People fitting untested hardware to a fire door could be dealt with by the courts.

ESCAPE – The Regulations don’t just deal with fire. Fitting tested escape door hardware is also a mandatory requirement in some cases.

ABLOY Electric Locks

ABLOY Electric locks are tested by independent test laboratories to all British and European Standards allowing them to be used on Fire Rated Doors without impairing the integrity or the classification of the Fire Rated Door. Abloy electric locks will also fully comply to escape standards. To find out more, click here. 

Abloy SMARTair

ABLOY SMARTair™ can provide escape compliant and fire tested solutions as part of your
overall ABLOY SMARTair™ Access Control system, ensuring life safety. To find out more, click here. 


As well as being fire-tested, the PROTEC2 CLIQ cylinders have also been tested to the newest standard for Electro-Mechanical Cylinders (BS EN 15684:2012). Our cylinders meet the requirements of both this standard and thanks to the ABLOY PROTEC2 mechanics, they meet the highest level of security as defined in BS EN 1303. To find out more, click here.

Abloy Door Closers

The Abloy range of fully tested and certified door closers, fire door systems and automatic door systems guarantee easy access and convenience during normal operation, as well as maintaining life safety by ensuring that all fire doors close in the event of a fire. To find out more, click here. 

Abloy UK also held the Foundations Course at the Academy this week, with a special theme of Fire Door Safety Week; there was a focus on the fines and penalties from poorly installed or functioning Fire Doors, as well as education on the difference between a fire door and escape door. To find more about the Foundations Course about the Academy which also covers the Dynamic Lockdown protocol or to book a place on the next course, visit www.abloy.co.uk/academy or email marketing@abloy.co.uk.