Abloy's Key to Security


Abloy UK's new PROTEC2 CLIQ Key and Cylinder is an improved and enhanced version of the original ABLOY CLIQ system.

The new ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ Key offers many benefits, including a larger memory capacity enabling users to store more audit trails, and up to 3500 locks or lock groups can now be programmed in the key. Battery power has also received a boost, with clock and time features now lasting up to ten years.

What's more, the new system is more user-friendly, with an updated modern design that is comfortable to use, and LED indication features on both sides of the key. New technology allows for swift access, with space reserved within the key for an RFID tag should it be required.

Jon Burke, Marketing Manager for Abloy UK, said: "Abloy is extremely excited to present the updated CLIQ system to its customers and end-users.

"In addition to the updated functionality of the CLIQ Key, we have also made improvements to the CLIQ Cylinder, including improved contacts, a more durable and robust construction, and electronic and mechanical reset for increased security.

"The new platform enables us to continually develop the features of the system, making it a solid investment for the future for any organisation."

ABLOY PROTEC2 CLIQ is a web-based security management solution, which allows for the remote management of disparate or large electronic master-keyed sites at any time, from anywhere in the world.

The system also provides comprehensive audit trails on cylinders and padlocks and the ability to remove lost or stolen keys from the system, thereby providing tight key management at all times.

For further information on PROTEC2 CLIQ or other products and services available from Abloy UK, please call 01902 364 500, email marketing@abloy.co.uk, or visit the Abloy London Showroom at The Building Centre on Store Street, London.