ABLOY PROTEC² CLIQ® Connect key and Traka21 win gold and silver!


The new PROTEC² CLIQ® CONNECT key and Traka21 from Abloy won the Golden and Silver awards in the Access Control category at the Merlion Awards in the Safety & Security ASIA 2015 Exhibition, in recognition of their product design and innovative use of technology.

The Golden was won by the new PROTEC² CLIQ® CONNECT key which gives customers’ the ability to implement electronic access control to non-wired cylinders as part of a PROTEC² CLIQ® System. Access control information is stored and managed in the key.

The CONNECT key can be updated wirelessly with a smartphone using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. This provides substantial cost and time saving benefits for utilities and critical infrastructure end users that manage high volumes of people accessing either permanently or temporarily multiple sites in remote locations.

Traka21, awarded the silver medal, is a stand-alone key management system which combines RFID technology and robust design to provide small to medium sized businesses the ability to manage 21 keys or keysets in an affordable plug and play unit.

Simple, efficient and cost effective, Traka21 helps trace and account for every key or keyset, which are individually locked in place, ensuring that critical business operations are never jeopardised.

For more information about the new Abloy PROTEC² CLIQ® CONNECT key or Traka21- please email marketing@abloy.co.uk