Abloy launches revolutionary Connect Key

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Security expert, Abloy UK, has launched a new Connect Key for use with its PROTEC² CLIQ® system, which is set to revolutionise the flexibility, time-saving and ease of use of remote access control by bringing it into the mobile era.

The PROTEC² CLIQ® Connect system is already receiving recognition as an outstanding technological security advancement, and it has recently been named as a Golden Winner in the Access Control category at the 2015 Merlion Awards, hosted at the Security & Safety Asia show in Singapore.

PROTEC² CLIQ® allows for the remote management of disparate or large electronic master-keyed sites at any time, from anywhere in the world. The system provides comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks and the ability to invalidate lost or stolen keys, thereby assuring tight key management at all times.

The latest addition to the system is the revolutionary Connect online key, which takes advantage of the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, enabling users to update keys wirelessly with a smartphone.

The connectivity provides a real-time audit trail on non-wired products such as padlocks and cam locks, and access rights can be granted to the user ‘on-site’. Users will see a return on their investment from the combined benefits of time saved, increased efficiency and the substantially improved level of security.

Abloy’s PROTEC² CLIQ® system is ideally suited to organisations that have a number of engineers and contractors visiting remote sites, and offers a solution for many different sectors including defence, utilities, telecoms, transportation, education and healthcare.

Pip Courcoux, sales and product manager at CLIQ® Systems for Abloy UK, said: “We’re really excited to be bringing the PROTEC² CLIQ® Connect system to the UK as it’s a complete game-changer and will transform remote key management as we know it.

“Building upon the significant success of the original PROTEC² CLIQ® solution, the Connect key is extremely user-friendly as it operates like an ordinary key and utilises a familiar smartphone interface.

“Keys have a battery life of up to two years, even if used daily, with very-high durability and IP-57 requirements. They are also 100% compatible with all existing PROTEC² CLIQ® systems without the need for new cylinders, making it possible for current customers to update their system with ease.”