Abloy Multipoint locks


Abloy UK has a wide range of Multipoint lock cases, ranging from mechanical to high security motor-operated locks.

Abloy's Multipoint lock range offers an extremely high level of security, combining the strength of three deadlocking bolts; comprising of a top and bottom hook bolt, that combines with the deadbolt of the central lock case, in order to enhance the level of security that is provided.

Abloy has the ability to offer these lock cases in mechanical form, solenoid handle operated lock cases, and motor locks. The available backsets range from 30mm to, in some cases, 100mm. The overall height of the lock is therefore 1.76m. Most of the lock cases offered by Abloy are standards compliant, providing a high degree of security but also allowing a safe and compliant means of escape. The unique aspect of Abloy's Multipoint locks is the aesthetic build of the locks, as well as the ease of use for end users. Another feature of the range is that the MP532 features electronic control handle, which allows the inside handle to actually be turned 'on' and 'off'.

Abloy's Multipoint lock range offer a locking solution that is compliant to BSEN179 and BSEN1125, when fitted with the correct furniture. Moreover, all lock cases are tested to BSEN14846, increasing the compliance of the range.

The benefits of Abloy's Multipoint locks include higher security and load resistance, as well as a high durability of the locks. Furthermore, there is an extended life cycle with the testing under BSEN14846, in excess of 200,000 operations. In addition, Abloy's Multipoint locks is that when the solenoid locks are set in fail-secure operation, along with the motor lock cases, there is a potential for energy-saving, compared to if door magnets were used for the same operation.

Applications for Abloy's Multipoint locks include data centres, banks, building societies and a wide range of high security institutions, in a variety of sectors. The Multipoint lock range is also suited to high security applications, such as panic room doors and high-end residential entrances and exits.

For further information on Abloy's Multipoint lock range and its applications, please contact Abloy UK by emailing marketing@abloy.co.uk or visit www.abloy.co.uk.

Abloy UK run the Academy training centre based at their Headquarters in Willenhall, which trains installers and specifiers, on a wide variety of issues- and has ten courses available. These courses cover installation of electric locks, door operators, mechanical locks, and Smartair access control. The Abloy Academy also has a Foundations and Foundations Plus course which covers standards compliance, and also why electro-magnets fail to comply to certain standards and regulations.

To download the Abloy Academy 2014 Prospectus- click here or to find out more information, email Abloy UK at marketing@abloy.co.uk.