ABLOY Assured Specification


Specifiers often have a tough job when it comes to selecting the correct security solution for an environment. The individual requirements of the building and its occupants will determine what security measures are put in place, but there are also the aesthetics of the location and the issue of compliance to consider.

Systems must comply with the standards EN179 Emergency Escape for when the building occupants are aware of the building environment, and EN1125 Panic Escape for environments used by the general public. So what are the best products to specify in order to create a safe environment that is aesthetically pleasing and also compliant?

Electric vs magnetic

When it comes to locks, there are a number of benefits to be gained by opting for an electric device over a magnetic product. Electric locks satisfy the needs of both fire doors and emergency/panic situations where a mechanical means of escape is required. In addition to this, there are energy and emission reductions that can be gained, with electric solutions using far less electricity than their magnetic counterparts. There can also be fire risks when installing a door magnet on a door that is used as a fire escape, as it is not automatically set to 'fail safe' in the event of a fire.

Abloy UK offers highly secure, efficient and compliant electric locks that meet the EN179 and EN1125 building regulation standards, with products including the EL560, EL520 and EL590 locks.  These locks meet the aforementioned standards, which state that even if a door is electronically controlled for access there must be a compliant mechanical means of escape in an emergency.

Abloy Door

As well as a range of locking solutions, Abloy also offers its own selection of doors, which are certified to the LPS 1175 SR2 standard. The LPS 1175 test stipulates the allowable toolset and minimum time at each security rating level to prevent forcible entry through a building element.

The Abloy Door's rating of SR2 level means it offers three minutes of protection against a determined opportunist attack with tools of a high mechanical advantage such as bolt cutters, claw hammer, or drill. These doors are suitable for use in a range of different environments from utilities to military and defence, and are delivered to site fully dressed if required, with survey and installation teams on hand to ensure the products are fitted correctly. Doors are CE marked and available in either mechanical or electro mechanical variants, and can be integrated into existing access control systems.

There is a comprehensive range of security doors to suit various threat levels. Steel doors in the range provide strength and durability, and the fire doors are Certifire approved providing up to four hours fire protection. Cleanroom doors are designed for clean and hygienic environments, and acoustic doors are sound resistant up to 45dB.

CLIQ System

For all-round access control alongside these mechanisms, Abloy's CLIQ Remote offers the ideal accompaniment. CLIQ's web-based software allows users to remotely authorise keys for use in specific operational areas within the existing masterkey system for a pre-determined period of time. 

This ensures a high level of key control incorporating maximum flexibility to enable access in the event of an emergency to nominated key holders. CLIQ Remote provides comprehensive audit trails and the ability to remove lost or stolen keys from the system, thereby providing tight key management at all times.

The system is also now available with a new mobile PD updater unit, which connects to most mobile phones. This allows end-users to update their keys 'on the move' via bluetooth, enabling them to grant access to remote users, and update access rights where necessary.

London showroom

All these products and more can be seen at the new Abloy London Showroom, located at the Building Centre on Store Street. This year is Abloy UK's 50th anniversary, and the opening of the London showroom signifies another milestone in the progression of the brand.

This is a must-see visual representation and showcases Abloy's most practical yet aesthetically pleasing and compliant products. Visitors can get hands-on experience, with interactive demo points to try the door locking solutions, and information about courses run by the Abloy Academy and RIBA-approved CPD points, with literature available to take away. For Specifiers that are looking for a secure and compliant access control solution, Abloy UK has a range of highly efficient and aesthetically pleasing products that are suitable for all applications.

For further information on products and services available from Abloy UK call 01902 364 500 OR email marketing@abloy.co.uk.