Is your key protection about to expire?


Since 1989, when copyright was ruled out as effective means of protecting against key duplication - and the subsequent ten year period of grace that was granted for the locking industry - Abloy have been developing key systems with unique elements allowing for control over the duplication of keys through the use of patents.

Patented key systems have been sold into the market in volume since the early 1990's; as patents last for twenty years from the date of application and can take some years to get to market, there is a likelihood that your existing system is about to expire - which means your keys are no longer protected against unauthorised copying and duplication, and that therefore that the entire key system could be at risk.

Abloy have three high quality key mechanisms patented to at least 2027 - providing you with peace of mind. These include features such as anti-wear features in keys and cylinders, new disc controller and key design with a disc controller structure requiring a moving element in the key.

What sets Abloy's patented key systems apart from its rivals is the make-up of the Abloy lock itself. As they are bump proof and virtually unpickable, customers can rest assured that their site is not only as secure as it can be, but they also have an extremely efficient masterkey system in place.

Master key systems provide convenience with each key holder carrying only one key, whilst maintaining fully the security of the locks. Abloy has a professional team of advisors able to assist you in this process. In addition, Abloy have market-leading levels of key security through its three-tier security system that offer levels of key control to suit each environment.

To find out more about Abloy's patented key mechanisms and master key planning, or to discuss the security of your existing key system, contact your Abloy Sales Manager or e-mail: