Retailers protect high value goods with Abloy UK


Abloy UK has an impressive track record in providing security solutions for a number of sectors, but when it comes to retail, its tailor made locking systems are proving a hit with some of the biggest names in the business.

Securing retail applications is notoriously challenging, with high value goods having to remain on display in point of sale cabinets across a number of sites and departments. Using unique, patented key sections, Abloy has solved this problem with bespoke lock systems that offer high security without compromising on accessibility.

Employing patent protected masterkey systems across an entire estate or department store, with sub-masters in each individual store or department, Abloy systems allow the right per.  Many of the UK's largest retailers use Abloy systems across large, multi-store estates, with each individual store having a unique key number, enabling lost keys to be replaced quickly and without the risk of compromising the system.

Unlike many competitors, Abloy are able to incorporate cabinet and cupboard locks with push button functions into any masterkey system, helping to provide a comprehensive security system across all necessary applications.

Shaun Powell, General Sales Manager for Abloy UK, said: "Many of the big players in the retail sector have started using our systems to great effect, with reductions in theft coming as a result of the more reliable key management that a bespoke masterkey system provides. The expertise that we provide during the planning stage of any retail project ensures that the final system is as easy to use as it is secure, with the right people having access to the right places."

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