Choose the right product with the Abloy App


When you're on site or away from your computer and need to specify the right door security solution, Abloy UK's new 'Abloy App' can direct you quickly and easily to the product you need.

Available in March and featuring a unique product selector function, the Abloy App takes you through a series of options including the standards required for a given application, to help you choose the correct solution and offer you appropriate door packages. Users can then use the GPS system on your phone to direct you to the nearest Abloy stockist or Premier Centre, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Covering all types of solution from electric locks, strikes and padlocks through to faceplates, mechanisms and door operators the 'Abloy App' is a dynamic tool that gives you the support you need when you're on the move. Also incorporating an enquiry form, you can use the app to check price and availability, send a technical question to our customer services team and receive a swift answer.

There is also a function that allows installers to view courses and sign up for dates at the Abloy Academy.  The Abloy Academy offers a range of courses to help installers learn more about standards and legislation, as well as practical workshops on how to install electric locks, door operators and access control.

Jon Burke, Marketing Manager for Abloy UK, said: "The new 'Abloy App' is a new, dynamic tool designed to make product selection intuitive, efficient and easier than ever before, as well as providing unprecedented on-site technical support for installers, across all stages of the specification and installation processes. This is not intended to be a pocket version of our website, but a tool for regular use and regularly updated."

Making it easier than ever to specify the right product, the message with the 'Abloy App' is simple: if you are a professional installer, specifier or security manager this is the app for you. To pre-order the 'Abloy App' click here.