Abloy UK locks up Anglian water sites


Security expert Abloy UK has supplied high security padlocks and cylinders to 5,665 waste water sites, helping Anglian Water upgrade its security systems in line with stringent Government legislation.

Having already upgraded their clean water sites using the Abloy Protec system, Anglian has continued to use the same high security padlocks and cylinders as part of a masterkey system across their waste water estate. The new system will comply with The Security and Emergency Measures Direction (SEMD), which highlights a legal framework that water companies in England and Wales must follow in order to plan and prepare for water and sewerage incidents and to improve the resilience of their sites.

Once completed, the waste water system will incorporate over 18,000 padlocks and 8,000 cylinders, allowing employees tiered access to different areas of the Anglian estate, which includes; The Humber, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

Rudi Balla, Market Development Manager for Abloy UK, said: "The natural challenge in providing security for water sites is key management, maintaining access for engineers, while ensuring that lost keys do not cause a security breach. Installing a patent protected masterkey system across the whole estate cuts down the number of keys carried by individual employees or contractors, adding convenience without compromising on security."

The unique, patented construction of the Abloy Protec rotating disc cylinder makes it virtually pickproof. Keys and discs use a new principle where cuts are made on two different radii. In addition, the return bars block the discs at 90° if the key and cylinder combinations are not identical.

The Abloy Protec cylinder not only meets, but exceeds international standards for high security including UL 437 and EN 1303.

For full details of all the security solutions available from Abloy UK, email: marketing@abloy.co.uk