Abloy UK Launches CERTA Range


Abloy UK has introduced its new CERTA motor lock range, expanding its already extensive electromechanical solutions portfolio and providing unsurpassed levels of performance.

Tested to over 500,000 cycles, more than double the maximum requirement under EN 14846, the CERTA range offers unprecedented durability and a design excellence that makes it the best security option for commercial and industrial applications. Operating under a 5kg sideload, CERTA motor locks deliver proven burglary resistance up to 60,000 N of force and offer intelligent electronic security measures including; ACC indication, anti-tampering features, EMC and two-way ACC.

Split into three categories, the CERTA range offers Small business, Public and Hi-security solutions, with both single and multi-point lock variants in each category covering the widest possible range of dimensions, door types and security requirements. ABLOY CERTA is also a green solution, consuming minimal power and offering good sustainability throughout the product lifecycle.  Being made from recyclable materials also helps minimise environmental impact and reduces cost.

Motor locks are the premier choice for securing public and commercial buildings, offering compliance with fire safety standards, as well as unrivalled security benefits.

The new ABLOY CERTA range reaffirms Abloy UK’s ongoing commitment to providing quality solutions through compliance with industry standards.  Delivering a hierarchy of products to cater for small business, public and high security applications, CERTA offers the versatility and reliability that is vital to end users.

For more information on ABLOY CERTA and the full range of Abloy products call 01902 364500.