The key flag logo confirms that ABLOY products have a Finnish origin


The Association for Finnish Work has awarded the Key Flag logo for ABLOY products which are manufactured in Finland. This logo will feature in our new catalogue as well as on all product packaging where appropriate.

People today are more conscious and want to know the origin of the product they buy, with more and more purchase decisions made on ethical and environmental grounds. The Key Flag logo's mission is to help the buyer to make the right choice and Finnish products are known worldwide for high quality and performance.

This passion for hard work and excellence is behind ABLOY manufactured products as well. International Sales Units Manager Jari Toivanen thinks that the Key Flag suits to ABLOY products very well: "The Key Flag in ABLOY products simply tells that ABLOY products have a Finnish origin. In this way we emphasize the image of Abloy and ABLOY products as being high in quality and reliability."

The Association for Finnish Work ensures that the Key Flag logo is used properly and ABLOY has committed to fulfil the requirements concerning the Key Flag.

At over one hundred years old, ABLOY is one of the most valued and known brands in Finland. Globally, ABLOY® is the leader in high quality locking solutions and you can be confident that the products bearing this mark have been manufactured in Finland to the highest standards.

The Key Flag in brief

  • The Key Flag sign tells that the product or service is produced in Finland
  • The Key Flag sign gives customers an opportunity to make a Finnish choice
  • Graphic designer Olavi Reinilä designed the Key Flag logo in 1965 for a one week campaign
  • The Key Flag is used in over 2 000 Finnish products or product categories
  • The Association for Finnish Work is the owner and supervisor for the Key Flag. In 2011, the Association will be 100 years old
  • The Association for Finnish Work has over 1500 members